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The Benefits of the Beach

The sensation of walking on a beach and feeling the sand underfoot is a memorable and delightful experience often associated with vacationing. Have you ever wondered why it feels so good? This feeling can be attributed to the presence of quartz crystals in the sand, which have grounding and healing properties.
Quartz, known for its grounding virtues, can be of particular benefit to individuals with volatile emotions. It can assist in the cultivation of patience and focus, while also providing protection against negative energies and purifying the surroundings. 
The significance of Summer holidays extends beyond the provision of warm weather; it also offers the opportunity to connect with the restorative energy that the beach provides. The presence of quartz in the sand underscores the importance of this connection. 
In conclusion, the next time you find yourself on a beach, welcome the healing energy of quartz by being open and receptive. Doing so will allow you to appreciate the benefits of this natural phenomenon.