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About Us

Breathe the Blue by Philotimo is a connection to nature and a reconnection with your true self, your purpose in life in hidden gems, and world-class properties around Greece.

Wellness and holistic passion besides tourism experts that will customize a vision surpassing arithmetic with a taste of Greece to match and even exceed your expectations and dreams.

Passion for Spirituality and Luxury

Our Team

Meet our awesome team and know us better.

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Stavros Cid​

Life Coaching and Founder of Breathe the Blue by Philotimo

Stavros Cid, the founder of the company, alongside his team, boasts of extensive experience in the education, holistic, and tourism fields. They are committed to providing clients with an unparalleled level of passion and exceptional Greek locations that are in line with their spiritual paths. Stavros’ passion for the Spiritual Path, including Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Numerology, and other related areas, has been a lifelong pursuit. 

He has honed his expertise in exploring new locations and creating the best retreats. With this wealth of knowledge and experience, he has realized his dream of offering the best retreats to clients. Stavros leverages his extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the Greek and American markets to provide tailored services that address clients’ needs. Clients can expect a full-service experience from elaboration to the end of their retreat.

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Certified Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

Wilmari Torres, an industrial engineer with over ten years of experience in complex program management, specializes in designing and implementing systems for business operations. She’s also a holistic lifestyle practitioner, providing guidance in meditation, neurodynamic breathwork, yoga, and sound healing. Utilizing a trauma-informed approach and incorporating somatic movement practices, she aims to bring individuals into the present moment, fostering heightened awareness and connection from their hearts to elevate their BodyMind & Soul. At Breathe the Blue, she blends her business acumen with holistic expertise to create a personalized and all-encompassing experience. Her goal is to assist facilitators in orchestrating retreats in Greece, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail for an enriching and fulfilling experience

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Linette Cottrell

Holistic and wellness coach

Linette Cottrell is a wellness innovator and holistic self-care specialist. She produces a podcast for black women entrepreneurs homing in on the self-nurturing modalities of super busy women. She is experienced in curating wellness experiences for holistic self-care.

For decades Linette has traveled her personal healing journey, researching, and seeking to discover tools that would inform personal healing. In this process she embraced those solutions that were most sustainable and rendered the most lasting results. Her passion is sharing what she has learned with other women so they can skip the years of research and get right to utilizing tools that truly work!  She champions simple, small step solutions that cultivate self-nurturing, self-love, and weave with ease into everyday living.