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The Ultimate Yoga and Sailing

Discover the Gems of the Ionian sea

Majestic views with hues of greens and blues mixing together in idyllic anchorages away from the crowds. Given it’s longer distances between the islands, this area is also ideal for mile-building.

On your relaxing sailing retreat we island hop, stopping in the most beautiful bays for your afternoon swim while our on board hostess prepares your lunch, play music while we are sharing beautiful memories.

You do not need to be a yogi, our Yoga Sailing voyages are suitable to all ages and experience levels to participate and have en enjoyable experience.

Our yoga sailing retreat are suitable for all levels of experience. We believe that body harmony and inner-peace should be available to everyone.

Our adventure will start in Prevesa and well sail to Lefkada (Lefkas) Feri beach, Assos, Fsicardo, Sami,(Kefalonia) Kioni and Poros returning to Prevesa.

With a maximum of 12 guests 3 teachers and 3 crew, including your skipper, hostess and yoga instructor.

Cabins are on a private double cabins or twin share basis, so bring a friend!

Why Should you go on a Yoga and Sailing Charter?

 A yoga and sailing charter is the perfect way to combine yoga and sailing along with being at sea, swimming, sailing to different locations, and disconnecting from the world.

There are many benefits of yoga and sailing charter, from wellness, disconnecting from reality, helping your physical and mental well being through yoga practice. All this in addition to being surrounded by the ocean, nature, and the ability to relax on beaches, sail into the wind, and meet like minded people

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Sail the Blue

7 day 

Sailing through
the ionian sea

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The Perfect Combination. Yoga and sailing are the perfect combination, with a relaxing and quiet peaceful environment of a boat combined with the ability to move around destinations, and enjoy being at sea. 




Imagine This. Imagine waking up every morning and heading to the front of the sailing boat or venturing to a deserted beach to partake in your morning yoga session, relaxing and peaceful surrounded by nature.  




Rest Of The Day. After your morning yoga session you enjoy a breakfast in the outside dining area of the boat, followed by sailing to a cove to swim or paddle board enjoying the water. Venture in land to a local town for lunch and to explore. An early afternoon swim followed by an evening sunset yoga session at golden hour. Then dinner at the back of the boat surrounded by the stars. 

Assist the skipper and gain hands-on sailing experience, feeling the thrill of being the captain for a while.


Embark on a breathtaking journey through the Ionian islands aboard two sailing boats designed for yacht charters and cruising. Relax and unwind as we island hop, stopping at the most stunning bays for an afternoon swim while our onboard hostess prepares a delicious lunch. Together, we’ll create unforgettable memories with the opportunity to dance, play music, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Your private cabin includes a bathroom with a shower and is perfect for twin sharing, so bring a friend along and experience the adventure of a lifetime together! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to sail the Ionian islands in style.

 Sailing Itinerary

The journey starts in the town of Preveza. Leading us through the west coast of Lefkada, dropping anchor in Porto Katsiki, Fiscardo, Assos, Kioni, and Poros. 
 Visit hidden spots without road access, ensuring a peaceful and secluded experience with turquoise-blue waters. You’ll be able to swim, snorkel, paddle board, jump into the water of a cave, stargaze, walk through the parts, visit spectacular restaurants, and experience your deepest self through many beach days! 

DAY 1  – Arrival in Preveza

  • Preveza is a coastal town in northwestern Greece with a rich historical background. It has ancient roots dating back to the Roman and Byzantine periods. Preveza is known for its historical sites, scenic beauty, and its strategic position on the Ambracian Gulf.
    • Participants arrive for check-in
    • Welcome ceremony – refreshments will be provided! 
    • Grounding time – you have the opportunity to explore and wander through the charming, narrow streets of lively Preveza, known for its typical Greek architecture. 
    • Visit the historic Preveza Castle! 

DAY 2  – Sailing to Lefkadas & Anchoring near Fiscardo, Kefalonia

Discover the captivating island of Lefkada, once inhabited by Corinthians and mentioned in Homer’s works. This cultural center is now a popular tourist destination known for its historical sites and stunning beaches.

  • Spend a night in the only village that survived the destructive earthquake of 1952, Firscardo.
  • Embark on a breathtaking journey, starting from Marina and navigating through the scenic Preveza Channel, turning south into the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy the stunning views of the beautiful west coast of Lefkas, famous for its legendary anchoring spots like Porto Katsiki. Here, you can drop anchor and immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery.
  • As the sun sets, anchor outside the famous village of Fiscardo in Kefalonia and witness its beauty come alive. Experience the magic of the island, and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Book your journey now and embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

DAY 3  – Fteri Beach and Assos, Kefalonia

Assos was founded under Venetian rule and it served as the administrative capital of northern Cephalonia from 1593 onwards. It is a unique picturesque village of Assos in the Kefalonia island. The small square with its old restyled houses, few romantic traditional Greek restaurants and the small pier built for private boats and local fishermen will leave breathing the blue!

  • Depart from Fiscardo and sail through the white cliffs of Fteri Beach spending the day at one of Europe’s most pristine beaches.
  • Drop anchor in front of Fteri Beach, a paradise offering turquoise waters, surrounded by lush green hills and captivating rock formations, perfect for climbing and exploration. A BBQ on board will be provided so you can savor delicious food while enjoying the incredible views from the comfort of the boat’s saloon.
  • Continue our journey to the charming town of Asos, nestled at the foot of a castle mount on a peninsula. Explore the magic of Asos, wandering through its streets. Climb to the impressive castle, where majestic views await, offering a panoramic perspective of Asos and the grandeur of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Take your time to absorb the beauty of this unique setting before returning to the boat for a tranquil evening onboard or exploring Asos further at your leisure.

DAY 4  – Sea Channel Adventure and Evening Choices

Melissani Cave, located in Kefalonia, Greece, offers a captivating experience with its stunning underground lake and unique geological formations. We’ll take a boat tour to explore the cave’s beauty, illuminated by natural sunlight filtering through the collapsed ceiling. The cave is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, creating a magical and serene atmosphere for an unforgettable visit.
  • Depart from Assos, Kefalonia, and set sail towards the sea channel between Ithaca and Kefalonia islands
  • Drop anchor at Sami port and take a tour to explore the exciting Melissani cave. You’ll be able to jump into the water and swim inside the cave. It is discovering its chamber by foot! 
  • Set sail again to drop anchor for an evening in beautiful Kioni. 

DAY 5  – Vibrant Vibes in Kioni and Tranquil Poros

Kioni is a charming village on the island of Ithaca in Greece, known for its picturesque setting and traditional Ionian architecture. Nestled along a natural harbor, Kioni offers a tranquil atmosphere with colorful houses, waterfront tavernas, and scenic views. It has become a popular destination for those seeking a peaceful and authentic Greek island experience.

  • Prepare yourself for an unforgettable day of sailing with a favorable western wind guiding us around the picturesque Ithaca, heading towards the enchanting town of Kioni – renowned for its irresistible charm. As we navigate the bay, you’ll catch a glimpse of old windmill remnants, standing as silent storytellers of the town’s rich history. Upon setting foot ashore, the small, colorful houses standing out from the rugged Greek landscape will welcome you.
  • Next, we will sail towards the nearby St. Nicolas Island – a tiny gem dominated by an exquisite chapel. The surrounding waters are so beautiful for swimming that it will be hard to part ways, but the gentle chime of the chapel bell will guide us forward to our next destination.
  • Finally, Poros offers a peaceful escape, providing the perfect backdrop for a serene evening under the stars. Allow yourself to be captivated by the beauty of the island as you unwind and enjoy a night to remember.

DAY 6  – Caves, Bays, and Lively Night in Preveza

Vathiavali Bay is a scenic coastal area, notable for its picturesque beauty and tranquil surroundings. Located in Greece, it offers a peaceful retreat with its captivating bay, lush landscapes, and serene atmosphere, making it an appealing destination for those seeking a quiet and idyllic getaway.

  • Sailing through the crystal-clear waters of Meganisi Island stopping by a small beach that invites you to step ashore and savor the unique views of this special place.
  • Final swimming haven, Vathiavali Bay. We sail further, entering the Lefkas channel, after a day filled with remarkable moments, take the opportunity to unwind, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this lively town, and spend the night on board.

DAY 7  – Back to where we started 

It is not a goodbye, instead, I’ll see you later! 
  • Sunrise Meditation
  • Brunch 
  • Time to return home 
  • Pick-up time (TBA)

What's included in this package?

What's NOT included in this package?


 Wellness On Board

Yoga is about many things, one of which is about being present and encouraging well being. A yacht charter tends to be a peaceful experience (if you choose it to be), with the open sea, nature, calming water, and the sound of the sea.

Culinary Chef

On a yoga and sailing charter there can be a chef on board who will cook delicious meals, these meals will be prepared freshly on board and you can dine in comfort in the dining area of the boat.


There is still time to explore world-famous islands, such as Lefkada Kefalonia and Poros where you can wander the streets, explore the old castle and enjoy sunset cocktails.


Full crew: Skipper, hostess & instructor. Learn how to sail or test your skills with your qualified skipper.

Your weekly marina & port fees, Fuel, Final cleaning fee, Tourism taxes. No hidden charges or ‘departure taxes’.


You can take a yoga and sailing charter to a large number of destination, this provides and alternative way to charter a boat. There could be groups of 6 to 8 people or 8 to 12 people (depending on the size of the boat), these people will be like minded and want to practice yoga. This is a great way to sailing an individual or solo traveler, meeting new people and making friends.