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Health is about balance, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Health encompasses mental, physical, and emotional balance.

Balance is not just a luxury; it is essential in every aspect of our lives, from work to relationships to personal growth.

When a divorce happens, it has the power to disrupt the delicate equilibrium we have worked hard to maintain for years. Suddenly, everything is in chaos – emotions run high, financial stability is at risk, and trust is shattered. The sense of security and predictability we once valued disappears. Restoring the lost balance after a divorce requires significant effort and time. We need to find resilience amidst adversity and rebuild our lives with renewed strength and determination. Divorce can have a profound impact on your life, potentially upending everything you hold dear if you do not remain vigilant in preserving your balance.

Divorce is like a visible scar society expects you to hide

It forces you to wear a mask of strength and composure, even when your heart is breaking. You have to put on a brave face, smile through the pain, and pretend that everything is okay because that’s what others find easier to accept. They don’t want to see your vulnerability or hear about your struggles, so you must project an image of resilience and independence at all times. In reality, you might feel overwhelmed by sadness and loneliness, but the world only wants to see the facade of confidence and self-assurance. Divorce strips away your authenticity and replaces it with a facade that shields the raw emotions stirring within you. It’s an exhausting act that leaves you feeling isolated and misunderstood in a society that values appearances over authenticity.

After experiencing a divorce, people might try to comfort you by calling you an inspiration. But let’s be honest – they have no idea what you’re going through or how hard it really is. Divorce is more than just the end of a marriage; it’s the end of the life you once knew and the start of a whole new chapter filled with uncertainty and emotional turmoil. So when people tell you that you’re an inspiration, remember that they can’t truly understand the pain and struggle you’re facing every day. It’s okay to not feel like an inspiration all the time, and it’s important to permit yourself to feel all the conflicting emotions that come with divorce. So take their well-meaning words with a grain of salt and remember that your journey is uniquely yours, full of ups and downs that only you can navigate.

“It is so hard to be divorced by your best friend, it’s lonely” – these words carry a weight that only those who have experienced it can truly understand. To lose not just a partner, but also a confidant, a companion, and someone who knows you better than anyone else is a pain that cuts deep. The loneliness that comes with being divorced by your best friend is unique in its devastation. No longer can you share inside jokes or lean on each other during tough times. The void left behind can feel insurmountable at times, leaving you longing for the companionship and understanding that only a best friend can provide. And as you navigate life post-divorce, there’s an added layer of grief and heartache, knowing that the person you once turned to for everything will no longer be by your side. It’s a lonely road to walk, but one that ultimately leads to growth and self-discovery.

After a divorce, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed and lost. The end of a marriage can bring about feelings of failure, loneliness, and uncertainty about the future. It may seem easier to just give up on the idea of starting over and resign oneself to a life filled with emptiness. However, I urge you to remember your worth and potential for growth despite this setback. While it may be daunting to face rebuilding your life from scratch, think of it as an opportunity for a fresh start. Take this time to rediscover yourself, pursue your passions, and surround yourself with supportive friends and family. With patience and perseverance, you will eventually see that there is hope beyond divorce and that yes, starting over can be frightening but also incredibly empowering. Embrace the journey ahead with courage and determination – you are stronger than you realize.

Divorce can be a deeply traumatic and emotionally taxing experience, one that often leaves wounds that need time to heal. It’s crucial to acknowledge and allow yourself to grieve the end of your marriage. This isn’t just about mourning the loss of a partner, but also the dissolution of hopes, dreams, and expectations you had for your future together.

By allowing yourself to grieve, you’re permitting yourself to process the pain, anger, sadness, and confusion that accompany a divorce. You need this time to reflect on what went wrong, what could have been done differently, and how to move forward healthily. Ignoring or suppressing these emotions may only lead to prolonged suffering. A retreat also can be the best option to start a new pathern, get out of your routine and to have the opportunity to travel and see a new world. A retreat in Greece, far away from your daily routine, with different food and activities can be the motivation you are looking for.