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The Caribbean of Greece


This Little-known Greek Island Has Gorgeous Scenery and Turquoise Waters

The island of Kefalonia, west of mainland Greece, may not be a household name like Santorini or Mykonos — but that’s exactly why you should consider visiting. This picture-perfect island is known as one of Greece’s most beautiful places and a favorite among local travelers for its charming small villages and crystal-clear turquoise waters. 

My dream is to create a special retreat on this beautiful green island full of energy. I have designed a retreat with style incorporating authentic patrons of Kefalonia flavors and recipes, local produce, herbs, and fresh seafood.

Our accommodation, which is built of natural stone blocks, beautiful view of the Ionian Sea, is nestled with an olive grove and surrounded by orange, lemons and RODI  pomegranate, rosemary. 


If you’re aligned to this magical island, you’re welcome to participate in our wellness retreat or if you are looking for someone to organize a retreat for you.

I invite you to visit our website with all our love we will assist you.