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July 8 - 14, 2024

Experience Holistic Coaching

One of the most remarkable aspects of the retreat is the opportunity to forge connections with like-minded souls. The participants, coming from various walks of life, shared their stories, hopes and dreams, fostering an environment of compassion and understanding – a safe space. Through group activities, heartfelt conversations and shared experiences, lifelong friendships blossomed, creating a supportive community that would endure beyond the retreat itself.

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Testimonials from past events


  • Each day engaged all senses, inviting participants to fully immerse themselves in the experience. 
  •  Nutritious and flavourful meals, prepared with locally sourced ingredients, delighted the taste buds, nourishing the body from within.
  • Nature walks, guided meditations, and soulful music enhanced the visual and tactile aspects of the retreat, allowing individuals to enhance their manifestation power and connect with themselves on a deeper level.
  • Each day began with the rising sun, as participants engaged in their first of two daily yoga practice before breakfast. Guided by experienced coaches, they experienced the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga, finding balance and harmony within themselves. 
  • After breakfast, retreatees had the majority of the day to relax by the pool or beach, explore the island,
  • In the afternoons the participants attended their main coaching session, working through scientifically proven reflective exercises linked to the daily element. Expert coaches facilitated discussions, encouraging self-reflection and personal growth.

Your coaches

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Mindset Mentor

I am driven by an unrelenting passion to empower and strengthen those who feel trapped in their own minds. Life coaching has been my savior, helping me break free from the shackles of negative thoughts and self-doubt. I understand that you too might be facing similar struggles, but I want you to know that I have immense faith in you. You possess the power to achieve anything you put your mind to, and I am here to help you unlock that potential. Believe in yourself, for you are strong, skilled, and more than enough.

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Meditation Teacher.

Schedule Example

8:00 amDaily Energy Yoga

8:30 am Solar plecus Yoga Flow

09:30 am – Breakfast

10:30  – 18;30  – Free time

18:30 pmWorkshop

18:00 pmFree time

19:30 pmDinner

22:00 pm – Evening activity 

The Island of Mykonos

Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to its stunning scenery, great weather, and crystal-clear waters. This Greek island has much to offer in the way of sightseeing, but it is best known for its vibrant and hedonistic nightlife scene, which is on par with the top party destinations along the Mediterranean coast. As well as the iconic whitewashed little Greek villages dotted across the island

What's included in this package?

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The private complex will be your space for energetic purification, learning, and an unforgettable healing experience. Easy access to Mykonos Town’s (5 klm) cosmopolitan nightlife while also being within more than reasonable distance from the island’s most popular beaches, restaurants and beach clubs.

  • 7 days/ 6 nights accommodation 
  • Shared double twin beds 
  • Private double room


Pricing varies based on chosen room category and time of booking. First come first serve.

– Double room: €1.999 per person

– Single room: €2.599 per person

We require a 30% upfront deposit payment to secure your spot. Another 30% of the balance amount is expected to be paid by May 10th 2024. The remaining balance amount has to be payed by June 20th 2024.

Cancellation Policy: – Cancellations  are non-refundable 



Have a question? Need a payment plan? Want to gift a spot to a friend or a person who would love to go with us to Greece? Fill out this form and give us at least 48 hours to respond.