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Kefalonia is a fantastic destination for your retreat!

The tourist season in Kefalonia runs from May to late October when there are direct and regular flights available. However, you can travel to the island from Athens and mainland ports daily, all year round.

We offer a wide variety of accommodations available on the island, ranging from ultra-modern luxury villas to small traditional studio apartments and everything in between.

As spring turns into summer, the temperature rises and sun worshipers can enjoy the beautiful beaches and long warm nights. Water sports such as swimming and snorkeling are popular, as the water is warmer and crystal clear. The long coastline provides an amazing array of diverse beaches, from organized to secluded. Village festivals take place almost every week over the island, and you are invited to join in the festivities and try dancing, food, and wine.

During early spring, the weather is cooler, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as walking and hiking. The island is also filled with wildflowers in full bloom, and the flora and fauna are a spectacular sight to see. As the locals prepare for the summer season, the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxed. You can spend some time eating or drinking in a cafe or taverna and watch the world go by.

The famous Robola Wine Festival attracts many visitors, and you can also witness the celebration of Saint Gerasimos where an important religious ceremony takes place, followed by a large street market. As summer comes to an end, the nights cool down, but the waters remain warm. The island is less busy, and the atmosphere is more relaxed. It’s an excellent time to make the most of the island without the intensity of the summer sun and its associated crowds. Businesses slowly close, and once again, there’s more time to get to know the local life. Throughout the year, there are many interesting attractions, events, and beautiful places to experience on the island.

Food is an extremely important part of Kefalonian life, and seasonal and local produce and dishes are celebrated in simple tavernas and fine-dining restaurants. There is something to suit all tastes and budgets.