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Divine Femme
Transformational Women's Retreat

10- 16 June
Kefalonia - Greece

Something dedicated to you, Woman...!!
Something for you and for all Women...!!!
~Transformational Women Retreat~

We are going to celebrate every woman who has ever lived on this planet, as well as those who still do. We will connect with the archetypes of ancient Greek goddesses and explore their qualities within ourselves. In a safe and caring environment, we will examine the roles that women have played throughout history, particularly our own roles, and we will gently and safely transform any roles that hold us back in life, both with ourselves and with others. We will share our life stories until they are fully expressed as they truly are.
Dancing and singing rituals will allow us to express any stored traumas that are held in the muscles of our bodies and every word that has never been heard or spoken and is stuck in our throats.
We will FEEL, SING, DANCE, SPEAK, CONNECT, AND CELEBRATE for all the women of the earth and ourselves!
We will discover the woman inside us at a deep level, as we are, for all the women of the earth and ourselves. You are within us…!!! And we are within You…!!! Feel it, recognize it & come with us on this magical journey of self-discovery!!! Namaste.

Do you ever feel like life is moving so fast that you don’t have a minute to breathe?


The Workshop

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Focuses on the four natural elements:
Water, Earth, Air, and Fire

Join us on a life-changing journey towards physical and spiritual renewal.

This immersive workshop retreat draws upon this ancient wisdom to address grief in its many forms, and offers practices that help to naturally rebalance and re-orient participants to their sacred place in the world. Through exercises in playfulness, creative intuition, and meditative awareness, the week is a deep contemplation of the healing power of the arts, nature, and beauty in all forms of sensory inspiration. These 7-days will deepen all forms of creative practice and guide participants into their innate joy and playfulness as a sacred modality for processing and transforming grief. 

  • Divine cosmic woman, creator of fire, wind, ether, water and earth. In me, the elements find their birth.
    With every breath, I am the warmth and the breeze, In my essence, the universe sees.


  • Connected to the starts, Rooted in earth, I stand tall and free, with unwavering strength.


  • Fear has no hold, courage takes flight, In the darkness, I am the guiding light.


  • Ignoring the rumours&gossip when I was a teens, for I was connected, to every fiber of my being.


  • Daring to embrace their bodies, and s*xual desires. Without judgment, just excitement & glee. 


  • The ancients all knew, and so do the wise, luckily we are coming back to the truth, unraveling the lies.



Join us for a rejuvenating retreat on a lively Greek island to rediscover yourself. Don’t wait any longer – come and join us for a transformative journey.

Experience the joy of water dancing – a beautiful sight of water inside and outside dancing together.

Your Hosts



Mindset Mentor

Stavros Cid, the founder of the company, has extensive experience in psychology, education, medicine, holistic practices, and tourism. He is committed to providing exceptional Greek locations that align with individuals’ spiritual paths. Stavros has pursued his passion for the Spiritual Path, including Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Numerology, and related areas, throughout his life.

Driven by an unrelenting passion to empower and strengthen those who feel trapped in their minds, Stavros believes that life coaching can help break free from the shackles of negative thoughts and self-doubt. He understands that you may be facing similar struggles and wants you to know that he has faith in you. You possess the power to achieve anything you put your mind to, and he is here to help you unlock that potential. Believe in yourself, for you are strong, skilled, and more than enough.

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Kate Riora

Emotionally body-oriented therapist and life coach

I am a dancer, performer, life coach, and emotionally focused and body-oriented therapist. I have been dancing all my life on land, in the air, in the water, and on ice. I have been practicing Contact Improvisation dance for 15 years and have certifications in various bodywork and somatic healing techniques, including Body Mind Centering, Skinner Release Therapy, and Trauma Healing. I am a Watsu practitioner, providing sessions and teaching relational bodywork and massage for many years. Currently, I live, work, and dance in Budapest.

Explore the itinerary
Let go and set yourself free

-Arrivals between 2:00pm-4:00pm

-Welcome herbal tea & wellness bag

-Overview of the week, expectations and space for questions

-Welcome dinner

-Guided meditation

– Deep dive into workshops, meditations, journaling, and reflection as we work through our course workbook, profound workshops, and free time to soak it all in.

– Breakfast 

– Free until the 6:00 pm 

-Pool (water) connection

-Golden Hour Dinner! Indulge in a three-course meal under the stars with your retreat family

-Evening yoga flow & group meetings 

-Morning grounding 

-Somatic practices, yoga flow and pranayama

– Meditation


-Traditionally prepared balanced meal & cooking class

-Evening Elixir meal & planting seeds for manifestation ritual

– Breakfast 

– Boat tour 

– We will swim and relax under the Grecian sun, grounding ourselves by feeling the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. It’s the perfect time to calm our souls and release anything that’s holding us back.

– Lunch 

–  Evening workshop

– Morning Yoga & meditation practice, Water practices, yoga flow and pranayama

–  Let the Greek Goddess inside of you bright  

-Catered traditionally prepared balanced meal

-Free Afterrnoon and evening

-Yoga & meditation Practice 


-Free Afternoon 

Golden Hour Dinner! Indulge in a three-course meal under the stars with your retreat family

-Closing Circle & Guidance for after the cleanse


-Yoga and meditation practice


– Time to say goobye

Food cook with
Love and Authenticity

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, prepared using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques, and imbued with a creative touch. Our chef takes great care in creating wholesome and well-balanced dishes, using only organic and farm-fresh produce, that will leave you yearning for more. We take pride in supporting local producers and putting love into every dish we serve. Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to try our authentic Greek and Kefalonian specialties with a modern twist that is sure to impress your taste buds.

The Acommodation

A private villa where you can experience energetic purification and an unforgettable healing experience, 

Early Bird Sale! until April 30

Expect the perfect blend of restorative practices rooted in the healing power of nature.

The Experience Includes?


Invest in yourself

Early Bird Sale! until April 30

Shared room – double twin-bed $1,985 per person

Private room – Double bed $2747 per person


Regular Price

Shared room – double twin-bed $2,222 per person

Private room – Double bed $2998 per person


Cancellation Policy

To secure the current price, we encourage booking or paying in full now. The exchange rates fluctuate, and the price may vary based on these changes. By paying in full now, you lock in the current rate, ensuring you benefit from today’s favorable conversion rates.

As the exchange rates can fluctuate, delaying payment could result in a potential increase in the cost of the retreat due to changes in the currency conversion.
Deposits are required to secure spots of $500 NON-REFUNDABLE / NON-NEGOTIABLE/NON-TRANSFERABLE.  
Please email to to put down a deposit.
Up to four (2) Payments. Ex. A monthly payments every 15th of the month. The final payment is due on May 4, 2024.
Note: Late payment will be subject to a 10% penalty fee.
3. Remaining Balance:
The remaining balance is due 30 days before the retreat start date.
Please note: For deposit and remaining balance amounts, please refer to your booking summary email.
4. NO refunds are granted for canceled or delayed flights. If your flight is missed/cancelled/delayed you will be responsible for transportation to the resort.